2016 Was Pretty Crazy And Here Is The Summary!

I wanted to write this post before the end of 2016. And I didn’t and then I felt like it doesn’t make sense. But if I didn’t write it down, I would forget. In 2016 I learnt a lot, so there you go. The key lessons and events of 2016.

In April Vera came into our lives

This little creature turned our life upside down. She came in a tiny cute package, one would think that she is just sleeping and her main job is to be sweet. And then came the first sleepless night… Anyways Vera loves us, we love her. Yes, she is annoying and something kicking me out of bed. Yet, she’s brought us a lot of funny moments.

Vera dog

Her first photo ever taken. 12th of April, the day we couldn’t sleep.

There comes the biggest lesson of the past year. Be careful what you wish for. I was just telling to my friend: “Oh I wish I had a dog. Small one, something like Jack Russel. But from the street, I don’t want to buy a dog. I want to rescue one.” And then God smiled and said: “There you go.” One week later there was Vera. And poops. And toys. And headaches. And fun.

In May I went to Rise conference in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The view from a ferry.

Rise was pretty eye opening, sometimes cold shower but also inspirational. Hong Kong was breathtaking and crazy. But here are some lessons from Rise and HK:

  • You don’t have to try everything. For example durian. You don’t have to try durian.
  • Robots are going to kill us or not. We don’t know. The experts don’t know.
  • Just a little bit of pork for Chinese means the same as “Yes, of course! It’s vegetarian.”
  • Forget salsa! Square dances are the future!

In September I went to Bilbao for 3 months

About these 3 months I should write a separate blog, I guess. Anyways, I went there for Erasmus for young entrepreneurs program. My host entrepreneurs were Nerea and Karim from Espacio Open. I’ve lived by the sea in the craziest Airbnb ever and I got in touch with future once again at Maker Faire Bilbao 2016.

Basque Country

Chico y chicas muy independentas y guapas!

Bilbao brought sooooooo much lessons:

  • If you don’t try, you don’t know. If you don’t live with maniac, you don’t know how it feels. (But still, you don’t need to try durian)
  • Sometimes the best lunch is a glass of wine.
  • You don’t necessary need morning yoga and green smoothie, sometimes coffee in one hand and cookie in the other makes you “zen.”
  • If you have a shitty day, it means you didn’t have enough cake. Get one. Now!
  • Dogs are the best people!
  • Sometimes too much is just too much. Life is better with ali oli but if you have it every day, you get sick of it.

Top invention of 2016 – Guilt Free Series Watching

2016 was also about inventions. Like for example I found the cheapest language tutor and in the same time invented guilt-free series watching. So how does it work? All you need is Netflix! Then you search for movies and series in the language you wanna learn (I chose Spanish and that’s pretty easy to find) or you switch your movie into that language, if there is such option. Voila, you are watching something you like and in the same time you’re learning new language! It doesn’t matter they you’ve spent weekend with Netflix. You were learning the language!

Maybe I can’t talk to you about my thoughts and tell you about my family. But I won’t have problem to fluently explain people that you were accidentally artificially inseminated (Virgin Jane), I’ve never liked football but now I feel like an expert (Club de Cuervos), I won’t feel lost among Mexican or Spanish drug mafia (La Reina del Sur), so as you guess I can swear both in European Spanish and in Mexican as well. Yet, I can speak also like a lady from the upper class (Gran Hotel).

This takes me to the other advantage of this method. You learn so much! For example I found out that there is a Spanish city in North Africa called Melilla! You would think: “Ah such a useless fact.” But then I met a girl and she told me that she is Spanish and I asked where from. And she said: “Well, you know, there is a city in North Africa nobody knows about.” And I said: “Melilla? Teresa Mendosa was there!” And she was super happy, because a stranger she just met knows.

The craziest thing of 2016

During my stay in the Basque I rented the most tastefully decorated airbnb place ever with attention to detail. As a bonus we got the nicest host who became our Spanish mother. Nooooo, she didn’t forced us to believe that we are family.

crazy airbnb

Beautiful wall in my room. Satan above my head, widow on my left side, lamp in the shape of human head, mirrors everywhere. Who cares?

We just felt safe… (I could fix the light in these pictures but I’m not sure if it would be for the better?)

The Biggest Shock of 2016

I could say watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and actually enjoying it. (Thanks Mariana!). But nope. The biggest shock is that Lady Gaga can actually sing. (Thanks Mariana, again.)

Great Success 2016

In 2016 I co-founded new medium in Slovakia called Meet the Heroes. We had literally no expectations when we launched it with Richard. It turned pretty successful. As a success I also consider amazing cooperation with Midasto, The Bounce Back Coach, WebSupport and Espacio Open during my stay in Spain. I kinda love to work and these people just make it even easier.

At the end I just want so say big Thanks to everyone who was in my life in 2016, let’s make 2017 Great Again…. Ah, I forgot. Let’s hope that 2017 in the world will be better than 2016. (I still can’t comprehend what happened. President Trump. Seriously?)


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