I might be the last person on Earth not annoyed by Despacito

I was reading somewhere that the best things happen when you’re happy and enjoy yourself. Miracles, synchronicities, being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people just when you need. Basically become the luckiest person ever. Well, reading this made me depressed. Because, hey I’m not that kind of high energy people who are just all the time happy. Instead, I’m overthinking everything.

So it made me think what actually brings me joy in life. And I found a couple of things that instantly give me a boost of energy. Maybe you can try it too. I decided to do more of this.

Oh la Música Latinoamericana

My heart beats in a rhythm of Latin America. Sometimes is salsa, sometimes samba, sometimes rumba. Yet, I have no idea how to dance. Mechanical memory is definitely not one of my strengths. Since my childhood, I loved all those movies with some chico from Spain or Cuba who made everyone realize how dance and music are awesome. And everyone, of course fell in love with him. Who wouldn’t love to take place of Vanessa Williams to dance with Chayanne?

Anyways, in 2017 I’ve visited Latin America for the first time. Panama was it. To my surprise, people don’t really dance in the streets but I’ve never been to a place where I can negotiate a price for taxi smiling back and forth with a taxi driver. (Definitely wouldn’t work in India). By this, I want to apologize to Cecil who I promised to call to drive us to the airport and I didn’t.

But back to music. I’m probably the last person on Earth who actually still likes to hear Despacito. I just don’t listen to the radio and don’t spend much time in places where radio is still on. This whole wave of listening to it five times an hour went around me. Whenever I feel upset there is a quick remedy, I just need a shot of Marc Anthony and Gente de Zona, Carlos Vives and yes I’ve never stopped loving Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. For instance, before writing this article I’ve listened to La Gozadera and Vivir mi Vida. And my body feels like I’ve just got a caffeine shock. Btw Irish music works for me a similar way.

Series from Spanish production

My obsession with Hispanic culture doesn’t end with Marc Anthony. Today I got the best gift ever from Netflix. Another series of Spanish production was added and it’s starring the lead actress from Gran Hotel. This is the best day ever but I promised myself not to watch everything in one day. I did that with La Casa de Papel and new season of Las Chicas del Cable. The best thing about this is that you don’t feel guilty about spending time watching these amazing series because… wait for it… you’re learning a language!

Reading fiction before going to sleep

Imagine you wake up in the morning but you can’t wait for the evening so you can lie down with your book and read before you fall asleep. Obviously, I can read during the day as well but this ritual of reading before falling asleep is just the best thing ever. The only problem is that some books don’t allow you to sleep. I was staying up till 2 am because I just couldn’t put down Zafon’s Shadow of the Wind. Now I’m spending my evenings with Claire and Jamie.

Yoga in the morning

Recently we’ve started new ritual with my hubby. 20 minutes of yoga every single morning and you can say goodbye to your back pain. We’re currently doing 30-day yoga challenge by Leslie Fightmaster. The best thing is that you wake up and you have immediately feeling that you’ve already accomplished something. How cool is that?

Torturing my dog


Disclaimer: I’m not hurting my dog. I torture her in a way that she enjoys it. Ok, sometimes she doesn’t like it but it’s funny. The recent experiment involved peanut butter. You can’t imagine how you can confuse one dog if you put a little bit of peanut butter on her nose. She was so desperate to find the source of the smell that she started licking the floor. And don’t tell me this is not funny.

My husband giving me a smile

Literally. He just comes and he smiles at me until it becomes funny and I forget that I’m grumpy. #relationshipgoals

Discussions with intelligent people

Imagine you talk to someone who has actually some expertise in something or at least made some extensive research. It doesn’t matter if the person disagrees with me, I just love love love to discuss stuff like this and adjust my opinion accordingly. Because, well I’m wrong most of the time. All of us are. On the other side, I hate morons who act confident but take arguments from their sleeve and they don’t even realize that you just proved them wrong. That leaves you frustrated and ask yourself why did I get into this conversation in the first place.

The joy of writing

I’m earning money writing and it was always my dream. Ok, I imagined myself to be a bestselling author or investigative journalist, not a marketing writer but still. It’s pretty much close and I also have a chance write on important topics as well as doing interviews with interesting people. But in all of this, I forgot how awesome it is to actually write just for myself. Like now. I started my own magazine when I was 7, my first short stories were published (by me) when I was 6. When I was 16 I’ve been writing poems to deal with a heartbreak. Recently I’ve been writing only things that had to be written. But this writing just for the sake of writing feels amazing, fulfilling and I kind of make sense out of the mess of my mind. Also, I realized that it’s easier for me to write in English than in Slovak. Maybe it’s because I know Slovak way better than English and unless is my sentence stylistically perfect, I won’t move on. Writing in English is freeing.

Coming up with new ideas

You know that feeling what a new idea comes up and you start shaking with excitement. Happens to me a lot. It’s an amazing feeling. My only problem is that I let my ideas die sometimes. After some time I start doubting them or I just don’t have enough discipline to make them real. So if you are an accountable person and want to create something super awesome, let’s connect. I’ll come up with ideas and you will take care that it’ll happen 🙂

Pedicure, the best thing on the planet

I’m 27 and I’ve discovered pedicure just a few months ago. Imagine somebody gives full attention to your feet for one whole hour! That’s priceless. If you’ve never got your pedicure make it this year’s intention! You’ll not regret it.

Cake! There is always some space for a cake!

I think I’m over my biggest sugar addiction. In the past, it was hard to imagine to pass by sweets in a store. Now I don’t even think about buying them. Still, I don’t feel guilty for a cake, donut, cookie or anything sweet (except candies and lollipops, never really liked them). I enjoy every bit of it. And unless I take too much of it, I feel great. And if my soul is happy, so is my body. Cake and chocolate are awesome.

If you made it to the end of this article, maybe you can come up with a few things that make you instantly happier.


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